Neal Sales-Griffin Talks About Empowering People Through Code
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Neal Sales-Griffin Discusses Empowering People Through Code

Neal Sales-Griffin
BE's Sirita Wright and Neal Sales-Griffin
Neal Sales-Griffin
BE’s Sirita Wright and Neal Sales-Griffin

Back in July, Black Enterprise‘s very own Sirita Wright caught up with tech entrepreneur, Neal Sales-Griffin, while in Chicago, on The Good Life tour.

During the interview, Sales-Griffin talked about how he’s empowering the world by teaching coding and entrepreneurship at The Starter League, a school he co-founded in 2011. The educator and innovator also said that the thing he is most grateful for is having the privilege to choose his career path.

Also, he and Sirita took a moment for a little impromptu karaoke, singing the hook to one of his favorite songs, “Alright,” by Kendrick Lamar.

Take a look in the video below!