Necole Kane, Founder of XO Necole Defends Mielle Organics’ P&G Acquisition

Necole Kane, Founder of XO Necole Defends Mielle Organics’ P&G Acquisition

Necole Kane, the creative mind behind media outlets like Necole Bitchie and XoNecole, is speaking out amid mixed reactions to the recent acquisition of Mielle Organics.

Last week, Mielle announced the textured haircare brand is being acquired by Procter & Gamble, pending regulatory approval, Forbes reported. The brand’s founding couple said the acquisition will help the brand expand its reach to customers, scale nonprofit efforts with Mielle Cares, and help fund additional economic opportunities for Black and Brown communities.

However, amid news of the acquisition, there are growing concerns and complaints from consumers who fear P&G taking control of the brand might lessen the quality of the brand known for its all-natural approach to haircare.

“Mielle Organics is about to get gentrified and I am NOT OK,” one user tweeted.

“Better buy now before the formula changes 😕,” said someone else.

“I’m not looking forward to spending too much time and a small fortune on a bunch of wasted hair products looking for a replacement,” added another consumer.

Amid the upset reactions from beauty consumers, founder Necole Kane, who stepped down from XoNecole to run her plant-based supplement company, sent out a series of tweets to defend Mielle Organics and shed light on the struggle for founders to sell a company they created.

“In the wake of all the talk around Mielle Organics, I just want to say, no one ever talks about the grief you experience as a founder when you sell a business,” Kane wrote.

“I’ve built three brands. The first I opted to turn down millions in acquisition offers because I wanted to choose its ending,” she continued. “I left money on the table for integrity. The second, I definitely sold for much less than I would have preferred but the sell was only two years in…”

Kane also touched on the “sadness” and “grief” that comes with “letting go of something you’ve birthed.”

“There’s a sense of happiness. Making it to the other side, and not having the burden of carrying loads of business debt, sacrifices and livelihood of those you employ on your shoulders, but there’s real sadness, painstaking grief attached to letting go something you’ve birth.”

Mielle Organics co-founder, Melvin Rodriguez, shared that he and Monique Rodriguez planned to keep their company committed to helping underserved communities.

“Mielle remains committed to leading with purpose and impact and serving as a beacon in historically underserved communities,” Melvin said. “Expanding our impact in Black and Brown communities will become an even greater focus in the years ahead.”