Need More Than M.B.A

I obtained my M.B.A. last year and I am having the hardest time landing a decent job. I am looking for a position in management but never get considered for such positions. I have enclosed my résumé for your review. What am I doing wrong?
–Anonymous, Via the Internet

Our readers won’t have the benefit of seeing your résumé, but what I will suggest is that an M.B.A. alone no longer guarantees entrée to certain positions. Management positions in most companies today require several other qualifications, including a solid understanding of challenges and opportunities in that particular segment of the industry, the proven ability to lead and motivate employees, and to effectively represent the firm when meeting with or delivering presentations to senior-level clients.

What your résumé does show is that you are a dynamic salesperson who can perform well across categories and industries. Even your objective: “Seeking a position in sales or management,” indicates to a hiring manager that you don’t understand that there’s a difference between the two. Based on your résumé you’re best suited for a sales position. I recommend seeking professional help to rework your résumé to better target your goals and highlight other talents and achievements. Consider career counseling to help with your presentation during interviews. You may also need to do better industry research as it relates to the position you’re applying for.

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