Netflix Star Facing Cancellation Over Old Video Detailing Alleged Rape Of Black Woman

A star from Netflix’s newest series, Beef, might be canceled thanks to an old disturbing account of allegedly sexually assaulting a Black woman.

David Choe plays Isaac in the new comedy/psychology drama that tells the story of two strangers who launch a disturbing war against each other after getting into a road rage incident.

While Choe isn’t one of the two main leads in Beef: his portrayal of Isaac, the cousin of Steven Yeun’s character, David Cho, plays a central figure throughout the series’s 10 episodes. Many were alarmed when footage from a 2014 podcast resurfaced online showing Choe explaining why he sees himself as a “‘successful rapist,” as noted by Madame Noire.

His revelation on the now-defunct “DVDASA” podcast came to light when journalist Aura Bogado responded to a tweet praising Choe’s artwork displayed at the start of each episode of “Beef.”

“David Choe, as in the guy who detailed the way he raped a woman?” Bogado tweeted. “And then came back to say it was just a misunderstood version of his reality? Ok.”

She followed up with a link to a Buzzfeed article that detailed Choe’s disturbing encounter with a masseuse he called “Rose.”


“According to his own telling, the woman David Choe assaulted is Black. He describes himself as a ‘successful rapist,’” Bogado wrote in a separate tweet.

According to the since-deleted podcast, Choe recalled getting a “thrill” after becoming aroused from the massage.

“But the thrill of possibly going to jail, that’s what achieved the erection quest,” he said.

“Ew, you’re basically telling us that you’re a rapist now. And the only way to get your di*k really ha*d– is rape,” his co-host Asa Akira replied.

“Yeah,” Choe responded.

No one appeared too bothered by Choe’s confession, and instead, someone off-camera asked what the masseuse looked like.

“Beautiful,” Choe said of his alleged victim. “Half-Black, half-white…”

“Like Leona Lewis,” Akira asked.

“Long curly hair,” he replied.

Choe reportedly claimed to have just made up the story. But many still question why the graffiti artist/actor would make up such a disturbing tale.

Now Netflix is facing backlash from viewers calling for a boycott of Beef, Page Six reports. Choe, who was best known for acquiring millions after he decorated Facebook’s headquarters and asked for stock as his form of payment, hasn’t responded to the backlash.