Never Overpay For Auto Insurance Again

Never Overpay For Auto Insurance Again

According to a study, Americans overpay for their auto insurance an astounding $37 billion per year. That clocks in at about an average of $330 per person. Yet many remain loyal to their insurance companies despite dissatisfaction with the high premiums, service, or worse, both. Drivers choose not to bother shopping for other options because, for one, comparing vehicle insurance companies alone can be time-consuming. Not many people are aware that you can switch car insurance at any time and for any reason.

Save Money Each Month

If you think you’re overpaying for your current coverage and wish to look for a better option, you can save yourself the hassle by switching to a provider that offers a no-frills, straightforward process of procuring premiums. Clearcover is an insuretech company that would never make you pay for more than what you need. Also, you can even get a new policy within minutes thanks to their tech-driven application process.

Clearcover operates with the idea that buying insurance should not be convoluted. They provide clear and comprehensive auto insurance, which you can easily get through their intuitive digital platform. Everything from creating an account to checking prices can be done from your smartphone, eliminating the need to speak to multiple representatives just to get a policy that fits your unique needs. You can sign up for a new plan within a few minutes across sixteen states. It’s similar to Lemonade, but for car insurance.

It’s Easy To Save

With Clearcover, everything is as simple as it gets. On top of an easy application process and better prices overall, they’ll also help you understand your coverage, so everything is clear from the jump. No confusing terminology is involved—everything is broken down in plain, simple English.

For existing customers, there’s a mobile app available to review your policy and submit claims. “Clearcover makes getting car insurance a breeze. No talking to agents, waiting for a card to arrive, or getting overcharged because of a bad algorithm,” says satisfied customer J. K.

Their 90% customer satisfaction rating is warranted. While they hope that you would never need them, you can rest assured that there’s a real human on the other side to help you out should you run into trouble. You can always ask for assistance, from the point of application to filing for claims.

With Clearcover, you can get a fast quote and even faster claims. Don’t settle for a subpar insurance policy when you can switch companies at any time with just a few clicks. Check your price today.