Never Worry About Seeing A Masseuse For Neck Tension Again

Never Worry About Seeing A Masseuse For Neck Tension Again

For those who suffer from tense muscles or joints, a trip to the spa or massage parlor can work wonders. A good session not only lessens the strain and pressure on impact areas, but can also reduce the stress you didn’t even know you were toting around.

In an ideal world, each person would be given a weekly or monthly pass to the spa and the massage parlor to reset their tension and clear their mind. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

However, the MASSNECK PRO: Advanced Neck Massager is a good compromise, and for a limited time, it’s available for just $87.95. That’s a savings of 31% from its MSRP ($129).

While this device isn’t exactly a spa or massage parlor, it’s a great and worthy alternative.

Available in either silver or black, this hand-held neck massager comes with 15 intensity levels that offer spa-like treatments on the go. It packs a foldable design that makes it portable, so you take it with you on trips or even to your job.

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The MASSNECK PRO: Advanced Neck Massager is equipped with heating PI sheets, which further enhance your massage sessions by promoting blood circulation and stimulating healing.

There’s a computer chip inside of the device that controls stainless steel electrodes, which are perfect for hitting tight muscles and relieving annoying knots behind your neck.

The device isn’t too cumbersome or heavy, either, as it checks in at 10.6 ounces. It runs on a 450mAh Lithium battery that gives it a working time of four hours. It’s charged by USB.

Stiff and tight joints can be debilitating without the proper attention and care. Many people don’t have access to a massage parlor or chiropractor, so they’re forced to plod through the pain. With the MASSNECK PRO: Advanced Neck Massager, you can alleviate bothersome tension whenever the need arises.

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