New App for Creatives Gets 2 Thumbs Up From A-Listers

New App for Creatives Gets 2 Thumbs Up From A-Listers

tap., announced the official BETA release of its new app for iOS and Android mobile devices.

The BETA release of the mobile app showcases the company’s forward-thinking in developing the most innovative tools for entertainment professionals to network.

With a centralized database of more than 10,0000 representing Oscar-winning industry executives, film distributors, top billed actors and actresses, publishers and more, the BETA app is something new from an industry known for its exclusivity and challenges with connecting to real people. As the entertainment industry continues to grow with the inclusion of influencer marketing, tap. was created to provide a central global marketplace to help entertainment professionals collaborate and work together. Unlike other apps, tap. verifies user credentials to ensure that pros are who they say they are.

“The inspiration behind the creation of tap. was hearing the needs of entertainment professionals,” says Jean-Que Dar, founder and CEO.

“In the digital era, it’s not unlikely that pros have experienced catfishing or individuals impersonating others while navigating the entertainment industry, so our goal was to not just create an app to network, but also ensure that people are verified and legitimate.”

Through tap.’s biometric verification system and blockchain technology, which is the first of its kind in use for entertainment, it eliminates the challenge behind connecting and working with real people in the industry. For the first time, a biometrically verified user on tap. can build a profile of their portfolio credits using validated data from IMDb. Powered by the film and television credentials of IMDb, tap. is the new way to network and thrive in the entertainment industry.

Key features at BETA launch include:

  • State-of-the-art technology. tap.’s mobile app includes a 360-degree view of every entertainment professional, profile user.
  • Optimized newsfeed. Known as the “Access Feed,” tap.’s mobile app features a continuous thread of events, opportunities and news updates from creator profiles, prospect mentors and collaborators directly from industry insiders.
  • Streamlined contact. tap.’s mobile app includes DMT, the Deal Message Thread, that conveniently organize messages and deals based on productions. Each production has a sub-thread where users chat, create and/or sign contracts, send and/or receive payment. The encrypted messages are immutable thus, cannot be cannot be manipulated or deleted, and are stored forever.
  • Easier and faster access to everyone in entertainment. tap.’s mobile app provides a growing global database that helps professionals connect with any anyone, at any time — no matter the geographical location.
  • Ability to staff an entire production immediately. tap.’s mobile app allows users to quickly hire talent, crew and a host of vetted professionals at the convenience of their fingertips. tap.’s geolocation feature helps to locate the best replacement available for last-minute, urgent needs from anywhere in the world. The goal is to reach the desired project needs in a timely manner, especially those with specific niche projects. This includes vetted financiers, producers, management, marketing, legal, talent, crew and so much more.
  • Vetted Entertainment Pros. tap.’s mobile app has combined the best of both worlds, — social networking exclusively for entertainment pros and Hollywood insider access. With an extensive database of film financiers, studio executives, agents, managers, attorneys, producers and directors as well as the world’s most elite in entertainment, including Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe and Tony award winners; Credibility is at the fore-front for tap. users to access reputable professionals in entertainment.
  • Protected payment and access. tap.’s mobile app will feature Tap. Pay, the unique mobile payment system that protects user information and escrow payments to ensure quality service is exchanged and performance is achieved.

tap. is a first of its kind mobile app to focus directly on entertainment professionals and allow connections to develop from staffing production teams through protected payment to faster access entertainment contacts. The app’s rollout of the BETA version is the first step of many new and innovative ways that the company expands on access to the global entertainment network. tap. is dedicated to transforming its organization to become a leader in entertainment professional networking.

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