Tyre Nichols

New Bodycam Footage Reveals Details Of Fatal Tyre Nichols Encounter

Newly released footage from the Tyre Nichols case in Memphis provides additional insight into the circumstances surrounding the fatal encounter.

NBC News reported that newly released footage from the Tyre Nichols case in Memphis provided additional insight into the circumstances surrounding the fatal encounter that occurred during a traffic stop on January 7, 2023. The videos, obtained from the city of Memphis, indicate that Nichols, a 29-year-old Black man, was initially pulled over for speeding and an improper lane change, according to then-officer Preston Hemphill.

The footage, captured by police body cameras, reveals a conversation between Hemphill and Officer Samuel Lively discussing the reasons for the traffic stop. Hemphill states, “Speeding and an improper lane change.” This information contradicts the initial statement from the Memphis Police, which mentioned suspected reckless driving as the cause of the stop. The department’s inability to substantiate the probable cause has been a point of contention.

The interaction continues with Lively suggesting potential charges against Tyre Nichols, including evading a vehicle. However, Hemphill dismisses this option, saying, “You can’t do evading a vehicle because that means it was a pursuit. You can get him for resisting arrest, fleeing on foot, which is a misdemeanor, speeding, and improper lane change. That’s at least four.”

In the footage, Hemphill describes Nichols as “politely resisting” the officers’ orders during the initial traffic stop. The situation escalated, leading to Nichols being violently and repeatedly punched and kicked by officers. Hemphill notes Nichols’ strength, stating, “Hell yeah, he was strong. It took the three of us, and we could barely get him to the ground.”

The videos also depict an encounter between Nichols’ parents and Hemphill after the incident. Hemphill informs them that Nichols resisted the initial stop, fought with officers, and ran away after being pepper-sprayed. The former officer speculates about Nichols being under the influence, stating, “I’m a CIT officer, so I specialize in people who… from the way he was fighting, he had to be on something.”

Toxicology testing on Tyre Nichols revealed the presence of substances associated with marijuana and alcohol use, with a blood alcohol content below the legal limit. Despite these findings, former officer Demetrius Haley, who participated in the violent encounter, suggested Nichols had “unbelievable strength” and speculated on the influence of substances.

Hemphill was fired for his role in the incident, while Haley and four other former officers face charges related to Nichols’ death, including second-degree murder and federal civil rights charges. The newly released footage provides a detailed account of the events leading to Nichols’ tragic death, contributing to the ongoing legal proceedings and public scrutiny.

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