New Docuseries Features Mostly HBCU Alumni Telling Black History Stories Not Found in Textbooks

New Docuseries Features Mostly HBCU Alumni Telling Black History Stories Not Found in Textbooks

There are many hidden figures in American history, even in our current day.

Al Hall Production and Urban Butterfly Media series, BIPOC In America (BIA Network) highlights modern figures across America making a difference. BIA Network returns with a three-season lineup that includes exclusive stories from Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) individuals. Seasons two, three, and four of BIPOC In America will premiere at the Orlando Marriott located in Lake Mary, Fla. The premier will officially take place on Nov. 5th, 2022. Before the series premiere, audiences will have an opportunity to join the live discussion of the project with featured guests. Live discussions will take place every Wednesday starting Sept. 14, 2022, at 8 p.m. EST via the BIA Network Facebook page.

Black Indigenous People of Color will share their stories of healing, thriving, and contributing to their communities in the BIA Network series. Some of the participants in the series include business owners, clinical providers (mental, substance abuse, and relationship), educators, filmmakers, and more. Many of the stories told are from HBCU alumni. The web-based docuseries aims to create a positive narrative and deliver hope about limitless possibilities for BIPOC individuals.

Dr. Freda Johnson, CEO of Al Hall Production states, “The stories are relatable, and a place of healing for those who lived and experienced racial trauma or negative stereotypes.”

The event presented by Al Hall Production and Urban Butterfly Media is based around the documentary celebrating individuals in the Central and South Florida communities.

Representation is a priority for the production studios. The Orlando BIPOC In America event will showcase a diverse panel of individuals representing the African Diaspora and Latinx ethnic communities. In addition, other communities including Veterans and LGBTQIA+ will also be recognized.

The leadership behind Al Hall Production makes the BIA Network series project noteworthy. Dr. Freda Johnson, CEO of Al Hall Production is also the executive producer of BIPOC In America. In her corporate work, she listened to stories of BIPOC individuals who have experienced systematic racism. Filmmaker and host Dr. Cat is a cultural anthropologist, sociologist, social worker, and historian. Her work focuses on bringing awareness to the Black Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) perspective in American culture. As the Executive Producer team of the series, Dr. Freda Johnson and Dr. Cat’s goal is to use the docuseries as a platform to continue to inspire marginalized communities.

Creators of the docuseries are using the footage for present and future purposes.

Dr. Cat states, “We are writing our history for an unborn generation.”

“People of Color are capturing BIPOC stories to create our narratives. We all have known exceptional people of color who have made a difference in their communities and their stories are lost.”

In hopes of keeping these stories that do not make it to the traditional history book, the series will serve as an archive of every geographic area the BIA Network covers. Discover the stories that have the power to shape America’s future today. Watch Season one of BIPOC In America and Join the BIA Network live discussion starting Wednesday, Sept.14, 2022 at 8 p.m. EST.

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