New York City Attorney Shot and Robbed While Taking Pictures on Vacation in Chile

New York City Attorney Shot and Robbed While Taking Pictures on Vacation in Chile

A family in Staten Island is wondering what happened to a loved one who was traveling in Chile and was initially reported missing and before being discovered dead.

According to ABC 7 News, the family of New York City attorney, Eric Garvin, is searching for answers.

The 38-year-old was shot three times and killed on Jan. 14 while taking photographs in the capital city of Santiago. His father, Eric D. Garvin posted the sad news on his Facebook account last week.

He told family and friends that he and his wife were informed that after Eric went missing, they found out a week later that he was discovered in a hospital morgue. He was shot as he was being robbed by several men.

“As I write this post, my heart and Anna’s heart are very heavy. This is the darkest chapter of our lives because we are living every parent’s worst nightmare.

“Our son, Eric Eugene Garvin went missing in Santiago, Chile on Saturday, Jan 14th in the evening. He was doing what he loved to do, which was travel aboard [sic]. He’s likely been to more than 40 Countries. Eric was 38 years old. On Saturday, January 21st my wife Anna and I received tragic news from Chile. Our son was finally found by the Santiago Police in a hospital morgue.

“Preliminary reports suggest that as my son went out to dinner in downtown Santiago, he was shot multiple times while being robbed by 3-4 guys. My son was alone.”

Garvin told the media outlet that his son was taking pictures when three men grabbed him, took his phone, and then shot him three times. He died at the scene.

“What they told us is my son was innocently walking down the street, paused for a moment, took a snapshot of a building in a drug-infested area,” Garvin said.

“And immediately following that, three gentlemen came across the street grabbed my son and stole his phone and shot him three times and he died there on the scene.”

Eric’s sister, Naomi Garvin, gave an update on her Facebook page stating that she and their father will be leaving Santiago and expected to return to the States on Feb. 2 with her brother’s body. The funeral service is planned for  Feb. 10 in Fort Washington, MD.