Newly Crowned Miss Washington Teen USA Slammed For Using N-Word In A TikTok

Kate Dixon, the 17-year-old newly crowned Miss Washington Teen USA has gone viral after a TikTok video resurfaced showing her hurling the n-word and other racist language. 

After winning the title, Dixon is set to represent the state of Washington at Miss Teen USA 2022, but many are calling to revoke her crown. 

In the 2018 clip now with more than 11 million views, Dixon is heard saying, “Gang s—, n—-,” in a car with friends and other racist language. Her defense: she was coerced into saying it by upperclassmen. 

Dixon has since apologized saying she is “very deeply sorry” for using a racial slur.

However, Pageants Northwest, the organizer of the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA organization across four states, was well aware of the video at the time of consideration for the pageant in October 2020, according to FOX 13.

Ultimately, they still allowed Dixon to compete for the crown because of the pageant’s mission statement to “be the best versions of themselves.”  

Maureen Francisco, executive producer of NW Productions, stated, “If somebody admits fault to it, has apologized and says ‘hey, I want to work on being the best version of myself, and that’s why I want to be part of your community,’ how do you turn your back away?” 

Hannah Merritt, a Black teen who finished as third runner-up, was disheartened with Pageants Northwest’s decision. 

“As an African American woman who’s walked that stage four times and has the weight of so many little girls on my shoulders, to know that Kate, who will never understand that, won, it’s just really tiring,” said Merritt.

Dixon says she has learned her lesson and hasn’t used the word to this day. TikTok users, however, are coming for her crown.

“Literally take her crown back,” said a user.

“To show racism is still at the heart of this country;” said another commenter.

“The caucasity never ends,” said another.

Pageants Northwest stands by Dixon.