Black Is Beautiful Volume 2 Launches Globally To Support The National Black Brewers Association

Black Is Beautiful Volume 2 Launches Globally To Support The National Black Brewers Association

Black is Beautiful, an influential initiative launched by Weathered Souls Brewing CO in 2020 in support of equality and social justice reform, is making a resounding comeback. This time, the movement stands firmly alongside the National Black Brewers Association, with 100% of the proceeds supporting the newly launched organization in its efforts to foster inclusivity and black representation in the brewing industry.

With its roots firmly planted in raising awareness about the daily injustices endured by people of color, Black is Beautiful garnered remarkable global momentum in 2020. Uniting 1601+ breweries across all 50 states in the United States and 21 countries worldwide and raising over 5 million in funds to support local charities. Brewers participate by promoting sales of the open source “Black is Beautiful” stout and adding their own creative spin on its evolving recipe.

“Black is Beautiful Volume 2 embodies the spirit of solidarity, empowering the brewing community to embrace diversity and equality” said Marcus Bakersville co-founder and head brewer at Weathered Souls Brewing. “Our alliance with the National Black Brewers Association, will continue to pave the way for a more inclusive beer industry.”

This initiative comes on the heels of the National Black Brewers Associations launch in May, the first of its kind non-profit will direct Black is Beautiful proceeds towards impactful efforts that align with its mission to create a more equitable and diverse beer industry through education, policy, and community.

About Weathered Souls Brewing:

Weathered Souls Brewing Company is a renowned James Beard nominated craft brewery based in San Antonio, Texas. Founded by Marcus Baskerville and Mike Holt in 2016, the brewery has gained widespread recognition for its exceptional beer offerings, community engagement, and commitment to social justice. Visit our website at:

About National Black Brewers Association:

Less than 1% of craft breweries in the U.S. are owned by African Americans and there is no single entity to help African American brewers and brewery owners with their specific needs and issues.
Given these challenges, the National Black Brewers Association (“NB2A”) was formed as a 501c6 membership-based non-profit organization to:

  • Promote the Black brewing community as a first-of-its kind organization.
  • Increase the number of African Americans in the brewing industry at all levels of production, especially ownership and brew master.
  • Exercise political influence by developing and advocating for effective policy; and
  • Foster understanding about the history and legacy of African American brewing in the United States.

The NB2A is governed by a dynamic Board of Directors composed of the most experienced and successful Black brewery owners and brew masters across the country. For more information on the National Black Brewers Association, visit our website at:

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