NFL Legend Deion Sanders Says Personal Items Were ‘Stolen’ From Office During Jackson State Coaching Debut

Former NFL great Deion Sanders had a remarkable debut as a Jackson State head coach when he led his team to a 53-0 blowout victory against NAIA opponent Edward Waters College. Although it was an impressive debut, the coach was seething after the game, claiming that some of his personal items were “stolen” from his office.

According to Sporting News, an official from Jackson State said Sanders’ “items were just misplaced. The items were recovered.” 16 WAPT News’ sports director, Joe Cook, reported it on his Twitter account.

Yet, the outspoken coach vehemently denied that his items were “misplaced.” Sanders responded via his Twitter account to dispute the “official” statement from the school.

ESPN reported a statement from Jackson State athletic director Ashley Robinson:

“Immediately following our win today, several items belonging to Coach Prime were taken from the locker room. Those items were quickly recovered and returned. While we consider this an isolated incident, we are thoroughly reviewing security protocols to ensure this does not happen again. However, we refuse to let this dampen the victory for our JSU Tigers, who have worked hard for this moment.”