Report: NFL Teams Paid Out $800 Million to Coaches and Executives Terminated in the Past Five Years

The high costs of tickets to NFL games, along with steep costs of merchandise  and concessions, could be contributed to the high salaries of players.

Yet, a newly released report also states that the NFL has spent $800 million on contracts related to terminated coaches and front-office executives over the past five years.

According to  ESPN, officials from the NFL informed the owners of the league’s 32 franchises that $800 million had been paid out to fired coaches and front-office personnel.

The owners of the teams were given the message this past week during the owners’ meetings in Dallas.

The franchise owners were given the reminder that they might want to think it over before they make any noteworthy changes at the end of the current season. Officials sent spreadsheets to each team showing the owners the exact costs of letting people go before their contracts are over. The contracts’ owners are still paying out hundreds of millions of dollars to individuals who are no longer with the team.

Some examples of NFL owners who are paying terminated individuals:

• The Carolina Panthers terminated head coach Matt Rhule when he still had four years remaining on a 7-year contract, with a $60 million payout.

• The Indianapolis Colts got rid of their head coach Frank Reich, who still had four years remaining on his August 2021 contract extension, and they now have to shell out $9 million a year.

• The Tennessee Titans fired their general manager Jon Robinson when he still had four full years remaining on a contract extension he had inked this past February.