‘No Monthly Allowances’ Nick Cannon Clarifies Being A ‘Provider’ to His Six Baby Mamas

Nick Cannon is a proud “provider” to his 11 children and their mothers. But he isn’t giving out “monthly allowances” or anything.

The Masked Singer host has been out promoting his Future Superstar tour and was recently asked about his relationships with his baby mamas and whether or not he’s breaking the bank to provide for his multiple families.

“It ain’t even about a monthly allowance or amount of money because I don’t give myself that,” he told Hot 104.1. “What they need, they get it.”

“There’s never been something that one of the mothers of my children has asked for and they didn’t receive…. That’s why they call me the provider,” he added.


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Cannon, who fathered 12 children with six different women, expressed his love for each of his kids’ mothers for blessing him with the gift of fatherhood.

“I have so much respect and admiration for the individual,” he said.

“Everybody has their challenges – but when you really understand this woman has given the greatest sacrifice, and sacrificed her body to bring a child into (this world), that’s the best gift any man could ask for.”

“Regardless of what goes on in any scenario, I’m gonna always show love and respect,” he continued. “I’ll never say anything disrespectful or bad about any of the mothers of my children.”

The Wild N’ Out creator also hinted at possibly welcoming more children since he’s not entirely closed off to the idea.

“Is that a challenge?… I really don’t know,” Cannon jokingly asked. “I (tried) to say I wasn’t having (anymore) kids after two, after six, after eight… I don’t know, to be honest….”

Cannon recently praised his ex-wife Mariah Carey for being “a gift from God” and expressed his regrets for cheating and causing their 2016 divorce.

“I will never have a love like I had with Mariah.” Cannon said on The Hottie Show Podcast.

“It was literally like a fairytale with Mariah so I would rather it just be that way. I appreciate that fantasy because if I tried to go back and it wasn’t the same, I’d be like, ‘Damn, I messed it up.’ But, if I had the opportunity, if it could be the way it was, I’m there.”