Nick Cannon Tells Howard Stern He’d Open to Having a Baby with Taylor Swift

While promoting his latest venture, The Daily Cannon, entertainer Nick Cannon agreed with legendary talk show host Howard Stern about his selection of his next “baby mama.”

It’s no secret Cannon is the father of 12 children to multiple women over the past several years. The question Cannon gets often is will there be another child for him in the future? Usually, he doesn’t give a direct response when that inquiry is placed to him.

So, Stern took a different approach when he broached the subject to Cannon on a recent show.

After bluntly asking Cannon if he was done after 12 children, the Wild N’ Out creator said, “I”m happy currently with my dozen that I have now.” But Stern then asked if someone would put up with the children and the kids’ mothers he already has, who would it be?

He then asked Cannon, “If Taylor Swift wants to have a baby with you…” Cannon immediately responded, laughing, “Absolutely, I’m in! Let’s go! That’s the one! I’m all in.”


“First of all, she’s an amazing songwriter,” Cannon explained. “What I do love about Taylor Swift is the fact that she has been so vulnerable and open with all of her music since she was a young girl.”

He then compared her public life with his; the two of them have “dated a lot of people in the public eye.”

“She’s kind of like me. Me and Taylor’s numbers are very similar when we talk about being in these streets, so I think she would relate to me very well based on like, ‘Yo, you dated a lot of people in the public eye, so have I.’ We’d probably really understand each other.”

Check out the video clip below:

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