Nicole Lynn Makes History as First Black Woman Agent to Represent An NFL Quarterback in the Super Bowl

Congrats are in order for Nicole Lynn, agent to Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts, on becoming the first Black woman to represent an NFL quarterback in the Super Bowl.

The Eagles triumphed against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, the same day the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Cincinnati Bengals in a 23-20 victory in the AFC Championship game. The Eagles and Chiefs’ victories mean they’re the two teams headed to Super Bowl LVII in Glendale, Arizona, CBS Sports reports.

There’s some Black history associated with the 2023 Super Bowl, thanks to the two teams who’ll be playing. For the first time in NFL history, two Black quarterbacks will be playing in hopes of leading their team to victory, as noted by CNN.

But there’s more history Hurts is bringing to Super Bowl 2023, thanks to him breaking the mold with his all-female team of agents. With Hurts playing as a quarterback in the Super Bowl, his agent, Nicole Lynn, has become the first Black woman to represent a quarterback in the coveted faceoff.

On Monday, Diverse Representation dedicated a post celebrating Lynn’s latest accomplishment.

“Congratulations to Nicole Lynn of @klutchsports and her client Jalen Hurts!” they captioned the photo.

It highlighted how Lynn, an NFL agent, attorney, and President of Operations at Klutch Sports, is making history this Black History Month.

“Thank you!!” Lynn wrote in response, along with two prayer hand emojis. Over on Twitter, users praised Lynn and Hurts ahead of the historic Super Bowl.

“Congrats to Nicole Lynn for being the first black woman agent to represent an NFL quarterback (Jalen Hurts) in the Super Bowl,” one user wrote.

“I love seeing Black Excellence 💜💜🥰🥰,” they added.

Jalen Hurts has shared his pride in serving as a trailblazer in the NFL by being the first player to hire an all-women team of agents.

“I admire anyone who puts their head down and works for what they want. And I know women who do that daily, but they don’t get the same praise as men—they don’t get the praise that they deserve,” Hurts told Sports Illustrated in August 2022.

“I’ve seen that now with tons of different women in my life that are hustlers. Athletes, coaches, women in the business world of sports. I see it all the time. And they deserve their flowers too. So if me saying something about it brings more attention to it, then I’m all for that.”