Niecy Nash and Wife Jessica Betts Launch Queer-Inspiring Clothing Line

Actress Niecy Nash and her wife, musician Jessica Betts, are living their “Betts Lives,” as they would say — out loud and unapologetically in love.

Now, the couple is encouraging others to live their best life with a limited edition line of apparel and accessories named Betts of Both Worlds. Boasting merch that speaks to your soul, this collection aims to help you tell your story freely while wearing a label that speaks your truth.

The new fashion line offers a range of crop tops, hoodies, sweatshirts, and cuffed beanies that celebrate Black Queer greatness, acceptance, and loving the one you love. “Fully Seen; “Queerdo;” “Black. Queer. Lit;” are among some of the positive affirmations imprinted across the apparel.

“To be loved without borders, to be accepted for who you are, to be at your worse and still you’re chosen.
Fully •| Seen,” as stated in one of the brand’s Instagram posts.


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The Betts duo have been married since August 2020. Nash, who previously grappled with coming out about the relationship, could not wait to live out loud with her new companion and best friend.

“I absolutely feel fully seen,” Betts told PEOPLE. “I feel like all of me is accepted. All of me is loved—and not just the part that I present, but the part that I don’t necessarily show to everyone else.”

“I feel like the love that I receive from her is custom, as opposed to off the rack. I feel like the assignment happened in the spirit realm before we ever knew about it,” explained Nash.

Nash continued, “It’s to be accepted for the truth of who you are, all the way around, good, bad or indifferent,” she continued. “It’s where someone sees your past, your pain, your bullet holes, your stab wounds, whatever you got in a bag over your shoulder when you show up, and they say, ‘I see it all, and I still love and receive you.’”

They recently made “herstory,” officially becoming the first same-sex couple to be featured on the cover of Essence’s March/April 2022 issue.