Nigerian Founder of Dollaride Awarded $10M to Build New York’s First All-Electric Dollar Van Network

Nigerian Founder of Dollaride Awarded $10M to Build New York’s First All-Electric Dollar Van Network

This Black man is using technology to provide reliable transportation in his community.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul awarded Dollaride founder Su Sanni $10 million to build the state’s first all-electric dollar van network.

According to sources, Sanni, a Nigerian native, created Dollaride in 2017 in an effort to transform New York’s transit network, making a safer, cleaner, and more accessible transportation infrastructure.

“In many urban cities, the public transit infrastructure isn’t robust enough to meet the commuting needs of normal everyday people. Studies have shown that transit access is one of the most critical factors in determining upward mobility,” Sanni said in an interview.

“In New York, dollar vans are what I like to call the best kept secret hidden in plain sight. I believe that it is important to support the small businesses that operate in these informal transit networks. They can have a multiplier effect that closes both transit and economic gaps in underserved communities,” Sanni said.


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Reportedly, major developments are set to commence in January 2023, with the $10 million funds that were distributed as part of the $85 million New York Clean Transportation Prizes program.

“I am proud to be providing the most significant investment yet in clean transportation for historically underserved communities in New York State,” Governor Kathy Hochul said, according to a press release.

“Improving access to clean mobility options, electrifying trucks and buses, and supporting projects that reduce air pollution modernizes the way residents and visitors access community services, recreation, and work opportunities while creating jobs, improving health, and reducing the impacts of climate change,” she added.

Dollaride has created the Clean Transit Access Program, a cost-friendly solution for fleet owners to expand their businesses through mobility software, creative financing, and partnerships.

“One of the main things we’re trying to do here is position commuter vans as a clean transportation service, while also preparing fleet owners and drivers for the future,” Sanni said. “With this $10 million award from NYSERDA (New York State Energy and Research Development Authority), Dollaride’s Clean Transit Access Program will provide affordable electric shuttle buses as well as charging infrastructure to certified commuter van drivers operating in disadvantaged communities throughout NYC.”