Nigerian Senator And His Wife Found Guilty Of Harvesting Organs

Nigerian Senator And His Wife Found Guilty Of Harvesting Organs

A Nigerian senator, who was looking to help his daughter, has been found guilty of harvesting organs. 

According to CNN, Ike Ekweremadu, and his spouse, Beatrice, were found guilty of trafficking a 21-year-old street trader to the United Kingdom in their attempts to get a kidney for their daughter. 

CNN reported that the street trader was taken to the UK and promised money and employment there. However, the  21-year-old was not told that they had to give up their kidney. 

The medical examiner, who was set to perform the surgery, became suspicious about the kidney donation prior to the operation before halting the operation. The 21-year-old, who has not been named, was left sleeping on the street for three days before he alerted the police, CNN reported.

“This was a horrific plot to exploit a vulnerable victim by trafficking him to the UK for the purpose of transplanting his kidney,” Joanne Jakymec, chief crown prosecutor, said to CNN

Jakymec continued: “The convicted defendants showed utter disregard for the victim’s welfare, health, and well-being and used their considerable influence to a high degree of control throughout, with the victim having limited understanding of what was really going on here.”

CBS reported that Sonia, the daughter of the convicted couple, was cleared of organ trafficking. CBS added that Sonia was afflicted with deteriorating kidneys, which required consistent dialysis. 

After investigation, UK police found that both Ike and Beatrice Ekweremadu worked alongside Dr. Obinna Obeta, who was also found guilty, to trafficking and harvesting organs for their daughter. 

According to a 2021 report by Interpol, a wide range of people participate in organ trafficking. The report also said that many underground organ traffickers have connections to medical professionals. Organ trafficking involves some of the same techniques as other forms of human trafficking, according to the report.