Night Owls and Early Risers: Top Career Choices Best for You

Night Owls and Early Risers: Top Career Choices Best for You

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Wouldn’t you love to work when you’re most productive? If the idea of waking up early every morning more than annoys you, there are jobs out there that suit night owls. The same goes for those who prefer to work while the sun is up and play when it goes down.

Brazen Careerist has compiled a nice list of options for those who prefer to use their brains and skills during certain hours of the day. Hey, what better way to make time for things and people who matter most? Check it out:

Disaster-response career fields–like healthcare and security–need around-the-clock workers. You can’t schedule an emergency, right?

Similarly, breaking news happens on its own time. Media workers such as camera operators, journalists and photographers often toil late into the night, or start their job in the wee hours of the morning.

The world of travel is another 24/7 industry. Taking on a transportation job like air traffic controller, flight attendant or pilot often guarantees outside-the-box scheduling. And of course, working as a freelancer or consultant provides the flexibility to structure your own workday.

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