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Nikki D Likens Ice Spice To The ‘Prostitution Era’ Of Hip Hop

Female rap pioneer Nikki D caught wind of Ice Spice's recent cheeky performance and likened it to the "prostitution era" of hip-hop.

Female rap pioneer Nikki D caught wind of Ice Spice’s recent cheeky performance and likened it to the “prostitution era” of hip-hop.

Nikki D, the first female rapper signed to Def Jam, took to Instagram over the weekend to react to Ice Spice’s recent on-stage performance, wearing a Betty Boop costume that barely covered her backside. The “Munch” rapper went viral after performing at Power 105’s Powerhouse event in New Jersey in a Halloween costume that revealed most of her buttocks.

Once Nikki caught wind of the ensemble, she unleashed a shady rant against the 23-year-old Bronx rapper.

“Oh come TF on!!! You mean to tell me, this is true talent,” Nikki captioned her post. “The Female genre of hip hop today is the “prostitution era”, fight me!!”

According to Nikki, the only time Ice Spice garnered reactions from the crowd was during her catchy “Munch” hook and whenever her backside was in the audience’s view.

“Notice the ONLY 2x’s the crowd reacts.. during the familiar “munch line” and when she turns around to show her ass!! She’s one of the top female rappers out at the “moment”,” Nikki wrote.

The “Lettin’ Off Steam” femcee, who released a slew of rap singles in the early 90s, questioned the team behind Ice Spice and solicited her services.

“Where’s her show production, rehearsal, and for god sake PLEASE STOP singing over those studio vocals it’s not a live show at that point,” Nikki wrote.

“Can someone have @icespice manager get at me, this girl got 5 minutes left, and y’all gone blow it!!!”

Spice seemingly tried pulling down the tiny dress throughout her performance. But the red dress was too short to cover the rapper’s curvy figure. The outfit choice has sparked a debate online, with strong responses from many who think Ice Spice uses her sex appeal to gain popularity.

“She fine and all but am i the only one that feels like the industry is slut*ing her out?? Ain’t she like 21 too?” one Twitter user wrote.

“Why bother wearing anything?” another user asked.

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