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Nikki Haley Visits Israel, Writes ‘Finish Them!’ on Artillery Shell

Nikki Haley under fire after writing "Finish Them!" on an Israeli artillery shell.

Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley is facing criticism following her recent visit to Israel where she wrote “Finish Them!” on an Israeli artillery shell.

The former Republican presidential candidate was captured in a photo bending down in front of pallets of shells and using a marker to write “Finish them – America HEART Israel, Always,” Reuters reports. Danny Danon, an Israeli politician and former ambassador to the United Nations, shared the image on social media after accompanying Haley during her visit.

After the image surfaced online, Amnesty International called out Haley, a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations during Donald Trump’s presidency, for the “stunt” she pulled amid the ongoing war between Israel and Gaza that’s taken the lives of tens of thousands in the past eight months.

“Conflict is no place for stunts. Conflict has rules. Civilians must be protected,” Amnesty International tweeted on Wednesday, May 29.

Haley’s message comes amid growing outcry against Israel following a recent airstrike in Rafah that left 21 people dead. Israel has denied being behind the airstrike in the area that they designated as a civilian evacuation zone.

Israel has faced mounting criticism in recent months with a United Nations expert telling the global body’s Human Rights Council in March that Israel’s war on Gaza equates to genocide. Now with Haley visiting Israel and expressing her support for the Jewish nation through the scathing message, she is facing backlash.

Former Human Rights Watch Executive Director Kenneth Hoth asked Haley why she wouldn’t “just sign, “I favor Israeli war crimes.”

“Just disgusting,” another user wrote over a close-up image of the message.

Amid the outcry, Haley took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to explain why she has chosen to put her support behind Israel despite the pressure from countries around the world calling for a cease-fire. According to Haley, Israel is “fighting America’s enemies.”

“Israel did not start this war — Hamas did,” she wrote. “When Hamas promises they will do it again, Israel should believe them. Israel must do whatever is necessary to protect her people from evil.”

The former South Carolina governor, born Nimarata Randhawa to immigrant parents from India, remains under fire from critics who question if she’s been paid to publicly support Israel. Some are reposting an image that claims Haley received over $1.5 million from a pro-Israel lobby group.

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