Nikole Hannah-Jones Gathered 'Meet the Press' Host Chuck Todd Over Question That Erased Parents Of Color

Nikole Hannah-Jones Gathered ‘Meet the Press’ Host Chuck Todd Over Question That Erased Parents Of Color

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(Photo Courtesy of Nikole Hannah-Jones)

On Sunday’s episode of Meet The Press, Nikole Hannah-Jones gathered show host Chuck Todd for othering parents of color during a special broadcast.

The show’s topic was Critical Race Theory (CRT) and teaching the curriculum in schools. Todd posed a question with a spin that seemingly got under the writer’s skin. 

“I think this is coming through a racial lens, but there’s this, you know, parents are saying, ‘Hey, don’t make my kid feel guilty,’” Todd told Hannah-Jones. “And I know a parent of color is going, ‘What are you talking about? You know, I’ve got to teach reality.’ When do you do it, and how do you do it?”

She replied, “Well, I think you should think just a little bit about your framing. You said ‘parents,’ and then you said ‘parents of color.’”

“White parents and parents of color,” Todd said, interrupting Nikole. “No. Fair point.”

“As a matter of fact, white parents are representing fewer than half of all public school parents,” she added. “And yet, they have an outsized voice in this debate.”

A clip of the Meet The Press episode quickly circulated on Twitter with users on the platform praising Nikole for the way she gathered Todd on air. Other Twitter users weighed on the sentiment of whites’ disapproval of critical race theory in schools. 


Critical Race Theory has been around for roughly four decades, according to Education Week. Recently, social justice issues have made CRT a hot-button point in the news because of public awareness. 

Nikole has been a staunch advocate for CRT in school and is the author of  the “1619 Project.”