Nobody’s Business

I plan to submit my resignation at my current place of employment to accept a position elsewhere. I do not wish to disclose the name of the new employer to my current manager or co-workers. Is there a tactful way to handle this? –Anonymous Via the Internet

Often with the news of a new job, the follow-up question after the congratulations is “So, where are you going?” You are under no obligation to reveal the name of your new employer or your new place of employment to anyone with whom you currently work–including your direct manager. You can simply and politely state that you would prefer not to disclose such information at the present time. I’m not sure what your reasons are for keeping this information private, but if anyone were to persist, you could consent to sending your new contact information once you get settled. If not, simply state that you would prefer to maintain your privacy.

You should inform your managers of your departure in a letter of resignation, giving sufficient notice of your leave (two weeks is standard, but depending on your position and level of responsibility it could be as much as several months), outlining the reasons for your departure, and thanking the company for the opportunity to work there. Overall, the letter should be upbeat and positive, even if your reason for leaving is the result of grievances within your company.