Nonprofit Free And Just Sponsors Mobile Billboard Against House Speaker Mike Johnson

Nonprofit Free And Just Sponsors Mobile Billboard Against House Speaker Mike Johnson

Free & Just as an organization is critiquing the new House Speaker for his fervent support in implementing a national abortion ban and making a legislative push to restrict access to abortion relation health care.

A Washington D.C. mobile billboard from the nonprofit Free & Just took shots at Louisiana Republican speaker Mike Johnson for his medically uninformed opinion on abortions. Sponsored to make the rounds at the end of next week, the billboard’s statement will be shown as Johnson continues to settle into his position as House leader.

The 501 c(4) non-profit will drive the billboard around college campuses in Capitol Hill and the busy D.C. area from Nov. 8 to 10. The mobile campaign has a path that will pass by the Hill and prominent universities like Howard University, American University, Georgetown University, and George Washington University.

Projected on the side of the truck, the billboard shows Johnson’s face with an ominous red backlight and a notable quote of his plastered across the front that reads, “Extremely Dangerous For Women,” the exact words he said about abortion. 

Campaign director of Free & Just, Chrystian Woods, told The Hill, “Mike Johnson’s record speaks for itself. Now that Mike Johnson has become Speaker of the House, we are putting him on notice that we will not sit back and watch him roll back our freedoms.”

Woods explained that Free & Just wants to use the mobile billboard to spur people to call the newly elected Speaker of the House and convey the message that “Americans support abortion access.”

The nonprofit wants to shed light on Johnson’s controversial views on abortion, which were brought to the forefront after the overturning of Roe v. Wade. He’s been on record celebrating the Supreme Court decision and expressing his hopes to take it further to turn Louisiana into a zero-tolerance state for medical procedures.

He formerly based his anti-abortion legal push on his opinion that a “child in the womb [is a] unique human being with unique DNA” from the moment of its conception.

Johnson has already mentioned intentions to defund Planned Parenthood and even welcomed a law in Louisiana that would lay a heavy “1-10 year imprisonment and a $10 to $100,000 fine” on abortion care health providers for conducting the procedure or any post-procedure care.

Mike Johnson’s political career, moving from the House Judiciary Committee to Speaker, has sparked concerns from Free & Just on what abortion proposals he could bring to the House floor.

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