Press Conference Announced For Atlanta Teen Found Dead In Jail Cell

Press Conference Announced For Atlanta Teen Found Dead In Jail Cell

Noni Battiste-Kosoko died just days after her 19th birthday on July 12 in Atlanta City Detention Center. Now, her family is encouraging the public to question what happened to her.

A press conference will be held by the family of Noni Battiste-Kosoko on Aug. 10, 2023, to demand answers from the Fulton County Sheriff Department, who held her in custody.

“We are committed to finding out the truth behind Noni’s death,” says the family’s attorney and family friend, Dr. Roderick Edmond. “The United States Department of Justice is investigating the Fulton County Jail, and if there was any foul play, we will hold all involved accountable.”

She was being held without bail in for three months on a misdemeanor charge. While Battiste-Kosoko did have a $2,000 bond, it was placed on hold due to other charges in Miami. Neither charge has been disclosed publicly.

According to 11 Alive News, the young woman was found in her jail cell alone without “obvious” indications that she was harmed.

“My child was arrested for a misdemeanor and died in jail,” said Shashu Battiste, Noni’s mother. “And, we want answers!”

So far, there is minimal information regarding Noni’s death. Edmonds claims that the Fulton County jail has “major issues” in regards to the health care infrastructure for inmates. Edmond said her death was “mysterious” in nature.

The Fulton County jail system has been subjected to much controversy for its inmates’ wellness, or lack thereof it. It recently reached a settlement with the family of another inmate, who died after being “eaten alive” by bedbugs while in custody.

The release of Battiste-Kosoko autopsy results has remained at a standstill, creating further confusion and intrigue into what exactly. A lawsuit is forthcoming, Edmonds’ law firm shared in a statement.

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