North Carolina Pastor Faces Backlash After Video Condemning Men With Long Hair Goes Viral

North Carolina Pastor Faces Backlash After Video Condemning Men With Long Hair Goes Viral

Pastor Jewel Lee, who heads the Light Church of Clayton in North Carolina, has gone viral on TikTok for condemning men with long hair.

In the video, Lee begins challenging those who believe Jesus had long hair by asking, “Who saw Jesus with long hair? Who took a picture with Jesus and can say Jesus has long hair?”


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Lee then changes topics to discuss how nature teaches us that a man is supposed to be with a woman and there’s no such thing as man with man, before circling back to his original topic. “Nature also teaches us that your hair ain’t supposed to be longer than a woman’s hair.”

“How you a man and you tying your hair up in a bun,” Lee added.

“Men don’t walk around with buns on their head.”

Lee continued his sermon, and when he received a mixed reaction from the church, he turned on them, saying his congregation was part of the “problem.”

Viewers on social media took Lee to task for the video as many questioned the role of Black churches.

Another person tweeted, “This is what happens when people take verses of the Bible and remove the context.”

Black hairstyles have been discussed in various aspects of society, including religion, sports, education, and work culture. Many against the unique designs Black people sport on their heads ignore that Black people are expressing themselves and their personalities, and it’s a part of who they are.

Others who had an issue with Lee’s words cited the story of Samson in the Bible, who God told not to cut his hair and that if he did, he would lose his superhuman strength. In the story, Samson is betrayed by his love Delilah, who ordered a servant to cut his hair while he was sleeping and turned him over to his enemies.