North Carolina Teacher Xaviera Steele Shares Details On The Fight She Had With 14-Year-Old Student

Xaviera Steele is washing her hands of her teaching job.

The teacher at Rocky Mount High School in North Carolina, who was recently charged for a fight she had with one of her students, is speaking out about the brawl and saying goodbye to the profession.

According to Steele’s Instagram Live video, posted by The Neighborhood Talk, she has been working with young people for 22 years, instructing in various areas, in addition to her experience working as an office administrator. Steele, a mother of four, was working as a substitute teacher at the time of the incident.

“As for me, as much as I love kids, I cannot put my life or my livelihood in danger anymore,” Steele expressed in her video.

“In all my 22 years, never have I ever experienced what I experienced this Monday. I’ve never been attacked by young folks,” Steele said, emphasizing her love for young people and dedication to working with them.

According to the teacher, the girl was in her personal space. “She was behind the desk. I followed protocol,” Steele clarified to people who accused her of touching the student first. The teacher said she tried calling an office administrator three times. She says the young female student attacked her.

“She went for blood,” the high school teacher added.


Steele pointed to the top of her head to show viewers where the young girl allegedly took out an inch of the front of her hairline and two inches on the side. “I don’t understand what it is with Black-on-Black crime…Black women hating on each other, I never did that. I always showed love to my sisters, especially to the kids,” whom Steele said are the future.

Steele addressed the fake media page reflecting messages such as “F the kids” and “F that job.” The high school professional shut the perspective down immediately, clarifying such words would never be her message to the kids of the future, who she believes have so much to offer the world.

She noted other teachers in the past month who have been knocked unconscious, kicked in the head, and another who had a gun pulled on her.

Steele said the charges could potentially ruin her career in real estate, in which she previously invested three years of schooling. Her decision to leave the school system avoids ever putting her family in this sort of situation.