#NotNCAAProperty Trending as Student-Athletes Push For Compensation
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#NotNCAAProperty Trending as Student-Athletes Push For Compensation

(Image: Twitter)

The hashtag #NotNCAAProperty is currently trending on Twitter. The phrase stems from student-athletes’ frustration with the lack of progress in the negotiations for compensation of their labor, likeness, and popularity. For many years, there has been an outcry against universities profiting millions off the backs of student-athletes who earn no money outside obtaining a college education through athletic scholarships. The fight to get college athletes compensated for their name, image and likeness is an ongoing mission.

Earlier this year, the NCAA pushed back talks on the proposals that might lead to change in student-athlete compensation, but now people are frustrated. Those frustrations unfolded on Twitter:

The backlash against the NCAA has been plentiful, yet, this places more pressure on the collegiate board to go back to the table and come to a decision on how to compensate student-athletes.