Nurse Alice: Men’s Health Month Tips for the Ladies

Nurse Alice: Men’s Health Month Tips for the Ladies

Ladies, do you have #teamus #usagainsttheworld #forever #relationshipgoals? If so, know that June is Men’s Health Awareness Month and whether we like to admit it or not, nine out of 10 times we’re the ones who are nudging (or nagging) our men to go to the doctor. So really, it’s an awareness month for us to remind them. Getting your favorite guy to visit the physician for an annual checkup is a simple and essential step to keeping him healthy. I know he may work your nerves from time to time but whether you’re dating, in a situation-ship, engaged, or married, I know you want him to stick around for a while. So use Men’s Health Month as a reason for him to get checked out. Still need help getting him there? 

Try these tips to get your man/bae/boo to the doctor’s office. 

Make the appointment for him. 

This may make you feel like their mom, but it helps a lot. Half of the time, men just don’t want to find a doctor who is in their insurance network, wait on hold to make an appointment, and look at their calendar. If you do the dirty work for them, then you’ve won half the battle.

Go with him.

You may as well schedule your physical at the same time. Even if you don’t need one, you could always go along and get a flu shot or have your blood pressure measured. There is comfort in company.

Look into his father’s health history.  

Men often identify strongly with their father’s medical history. If you determine that your partner’s father and grandfather all struggled with similar conditions, this may be enough evidence that your partner should go to the doctor.

Bring up the kids. 

Whether you already have children or are planning on having children, remind him that he will probably want to be around for his child’s high school graduation, college graduation, wedding, and more.

Tell him he’s a role model. 

If you do have children, then you can remind your partner that your kids take their cues from him. If he won’t go to the doctor, then why should they?

Give him something he wants.  

Look, men can be like kids when it comes to going to the doctor. Maybe you should just let him buy the wet bar he wants for the kitchen or the video game that just came out. Honestly, that’s a small price to pay if it means he’ll go in for his physical.