Nurse Who Tried To Help Save TakeOff After He Was Shot, Speaks Out

A nurse who tried to help save TakeOff is speaking out about the tragic evening, according to KHOU 11 News. The recording artist from the hip-hop group Migos was shot and killed in Houston, Texas on Nov. 1. TakeOff, whose real name is Kirshnik Khari Ball, was just 28.

The nurse, who wishes to remain anonymous, lives near 810 Billiards & Bowling where the shooting occurred. She said she heard the gunshots around 2:30 a.m and went to investigate.

“I live close by and I heard, ‘Pow pow pow pow pow,’ and it stopped and I went, ‘That’s so weird so I got up in my pajamas, go over to the balcony, my neighbors were underneath me. I said ‘Did yall hear that?’ And they said ‘Yeah.’ And I said ‘I don’t think that was a car or firecrackers. That sounded like gunshots.'”

The infusion nurse said that she then heard an agonizing cry. At first, she thought it was from the victim who she later learned was Ball. She later learned that the cry was from Ball’s uncle and fellow Migos member Quavo, who was screaming for help.

“I’m thinking that’s the victim. That’s the person who’s shot,” she said. “It sounded like a cry of agony. It was a cry of agony but emotional not physical… You can hear my voice in a video yelling ‘I’m a nurse. No, no, no. I’m a nurse,’ because I wanted to let them know. I was scared, but I had to go.”

Unfortunately, the nurse said that she was too late by the time she arrived on the scene. She noted Ball had no pulse and that his eyes were “fixed and dilated.” She also said he was bleeding from his head and that performing CPR would not have been appropriate given the circumstances.

The shooting occurred after Quavo allegedly got into an argument about basketball following a dice game. Quavo, whose real name is Quavious Keyate Marshall, reportedly began to walk away when someone threw a punch. The shooting began seconds later.

The nurse added that Quavo was crying and distraught as he pleaded for help and that she also began crying once she told him it was too late.

“All I know is he’s a 28-year-old male, and that’s my son over there, and somebody is his mother.”

No arrests have been made but according to TMZ, the Houston Police Department is currently investigating and they have a person of interest. The police are also asking witnesses who fled the scene to come forward.