Eric Adams, NYC

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Currently Not Target Of FBI Investigation

City Hall Chief Counsel: "There has been no indication that I’ve seen that the mayor is a target.”

After the Department of Justice raided the home of NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ top campaign fundraiser Brianna Suggs on Nov. 2, questions have been raised if the mayor himself is a target of the FBI.

Right now, “there has been no indication’ that Mayor Adams is, said City Hall Chief Counsel Lisa Zornberg.

According to The Associated Press, while speaking to the press, Mayor Adams denied any wrongdoing and assured “we follow the law” in regards to the FBI investigation into his 2021 campaign. He didn’t answer any direct questions about the inquiry, including if anyone else is involved, due to not wanting to “impede the investigation.”

The FBI also seized the mayor’s electronic devices as part of an investigation into whether his campaign was involved in a conspiracy to send money to the Turkish government in 2021. There is speculation that the investigation centers around a potential straw donor scheme for building permits for a new Turkish consular compound in Manhattan, according to The Daily Beast.

Zornberg also commented on that theory as well.

“I can guarantee you that the U.S. Attorney’s office does not want their investigation playing out in the press in dribs and drabs and through leaks,” she said. “My expectation is that any improper leaks by federal law enforcement officers will be fully investigated by federal law enforcement.”

When the FBI raided the home of Suggs on Nov. 2, agents reportedly took several items, including three iPhones and two laptop computers. They also seized papers and other evidence, including a “manila folder labeled Eric Adams,” seven “contribution card binders,” and other materials, according to the outlet.

Investigators were looking for evidence that may bring charges, including the theft of federal funds and conspiracy to steal federal funds, wire fraud, and wire fraud conspiracy. They are also looking to see if there were campaign contributions from foreign nationals and if there was a conspiracy to make such contributions.