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Black NYFW Model Speaks Out Against Makeup Artists Failing Darker-Skinned Women

A Black New York Fashion Week model has spoken out about a terrible experience with makeup artists having a lack of understanding about darker skin tones. According to In the Know, travel and fashion model Megan Milan took to TikTok to talk about having to do her own makeup at a recent NYFW event.

The viral video showed an NYFW professional makeup artist using too-light products on Milan’s face. The foundation was such a bad match that Milan said, “Yeah, I look like a ghost.”

@megan.milan I normally bring my own foundation just incase but i let my guard down. Plus i didnt want to carry a makeup bag all day, this was my first job of the day . I had to go ti Sephora, do my own makeup then come back . #nyfw #modelproblems #blackmodels #blackmodelsmatter ♬ original sound – megan.milan

In the 21-second clip, Milan showed the artist using a foundation several shades lighter than her actual skin and pointed out that she expected better from the NYFW professionals. She expressed that she typically brings her own foundation for shoots, but she decided not to this time.

Milan wrote in the caption of her video, “I normally bring my own foundation just in case, but I let my guard down. Plus, I didn’t want to carry a makeup bag all day. This was my first job of the day . I had to go [to] Sephora, do my own makeup, then come back.”

She posted again about the same incident and expressed that she had to purchase her own products to do her makeup for the show. She told the camera that she was really frustrated at how many of the industry’s makeup artists don’t know how to do makeup on Black models. 

@megan.milan For those sho wanted to see the full video . Thank you for all of your support as always!! Not trying to blast anyone, just want to bring awareness for my sisters who may be too shy to speak up or dont have the platform, i got us. #nyfw #blackmodel #donnidavy #euphoriamakeup #models #mua #sephora #halfmagicbeauty ♬ You – Vietra

“I’m just so irritated. It’s just frustrating that we have to deal with this all the f**king time. Like if you didn’t know how to do Black girls’ makeup, then why would you even? You guys know what I looked like before I came. So rude. Why am I at Sephora doing my makeup?” asked Milan.

Milan’s frustrated posts sparked many to take to her comments and express their support for her. Commenters validated her anger over the NYFW situation. 

“Learning color theory is so important. Smh… I’m sorry you experienced this, but also glad you found someone to get it right. It’s beautiful,” one TIkToker wrote.

 “So ridiculous that first one. Your makeup application was gorgeous, and the second mua really said babe I gotchu,” another commented.

“It’s totally unacceptable that Fashion Week can’t hire makeup artists who know all skin tones. So happy the second one nailed it for you! Stunning!”

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