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Former President Barack Obama Shares His Top 15 Favorite Books Of 2023

Obama promised his followers that he would soon follow up with a list of movies and music that he enjoyed this year as well.

Former President Barack Obama recently released his favorite media of the year. As promised, Obama began by posting a list of all his favorite books on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Dec. 22. 

The year’s list includes a wide variety of literature genres, including nonfiction, thrillers, and fiction novels. On Dec. 22, he named 15 books that made his top lists. Although he promised that his rankings of other forms of media like movies and music were soon to come.

He wrote, “As I usually do during this time of year, I wanted to share my favorite books, movies, and music of 2023.” 

“First up, here are the books I’ve enjoyed reading. If you’re looking for a new book over the holidays, give one of them a try. And if you can, shop at an independent bookstore or check them out at your local library,” Obama added before asking his followers to drop some recommendations in the comment section.

“What were some of your favorite books this year?”

Obama’s list included best-sellers, like The Covenant of Water by Abraham Verghese, The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory by Tim Alberta, and Lauren Groff’s The Vaster Wilds.

As reported in the past by The Hill, Obama only puts titles on his annual books, movies, and music list that he truly consumed and enjoyed over the year.

Obama said in an interview with comedian Hasan Minhaj in June, “People, they believe the books and the movies, but the playlists, they somehow think — and this is mostly coming from young people like you — somehow you all think you invented rock ‘n’ roll, you invented hip-hop.”

“So the fact that my lists are pretty incredible, people seem to think, ‘Wow, he must have had some 20-year-old intern who was figuring out, you know, this latest cut.’ No, man — it’s on my iPad right now.”

Obama admitted that he only takes suggestions in his music choices, as he enjoys getting recommendations from others on new songs and genres that he should listen to. 

“So typically, at the end of the year, what happens is folks will be like, ‘Man, you need to listen to this. This is good,’” Obama explained. 

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