Obama Pushing for Arizona and Georgia

Obama Pushing for Arizona and Georgia

Sen. Barack Obama will be making a pull for three states not quite on his swing state radar in the final days of the campaign. During a conference call today, David Plouffe, a campaign manager, said Obama will release ads in Arizona, Georgia and North Dakota.

The campaign pulled ads in Georgia last month. But based on the 1.5 million early votes cast so far, many of which by African Americans, the state will see a reinvigorated campaign leading up to Nov. 4.

Plouffe said there’s a potential of winning Georgia by a narrow margin.

Polls show Sen. John McCain with a narrow lead in his home state, Arizona. For both campaigns, the state has remained more of a base to reach neighboring swing states, New Mexico and Nevada.

“If someone else had been the nominee, I think Arizona would have been a core battleground,” Plouffe said.

Renita Burns is the editorial assistant at BlackEnterprise.com