Obama Ready For Prime Time?

Obama Ready For Prime Time?

Tonight Barack Obama is giving the most important speech of his career to date. What I’m hoping to hear from him at Mile High Stadium is a response to the GOP attacks that say he’s not ready to serve as Commander in Chief for the US. The “Change” catchphrase is all well and good, but there should be examples of legislation and initiatives he’d back in order to create jobs, fix the deficit and repair relations with other nations.

I’d also like to see him (as many others have done during their speeches this week), question McCain’s stance on the war in Iraq, fiscal policy, employment, etc. The Republican senator’s negative campaign ads seem to question whether the Harvard and Columbia-educated Obama is qualified to run for dog-catcher and the last thing Team Obama want is to always be on the defensive. That’s part of what sunk Kerry in ’04.

Obama won’t have time to discuss his approach to dealing with all the ails that afflict the nation, but hopefully we’ll get a focused, high-energy speech that highlights concrete solutions and examples of what an Obama Administration would bring to the table.

Stay tuned.