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Obama's Advertising Strategy

community who need to be inspired to participate.”

Representatives from both Obama and McCain’s campaigns would not discuss the details of media buys, however, Corey Ealons, of the Obama campaign, says, “African American media is very important to our campaign, and we will use it to communicate with voters about Sen. Obama’s priorities for the community and his vision for fundamental change in Washington.”

Evan Tracey, COO of Campaign Media Analysis Group, a firm that tracks advertising spending, notes the factor of voting trends playing a part. “This is what happens when a voting bloc becomes, in essence, property of one party over the other,” Tracey says. “African American voters have voted Democrat for most of the elections since modern media and advertising became a component. I don’t think they’ll be completely discounted, but it’s not a priority right now.” But, it’s still early in the campaigning process, Tracey adds. The campaigns are still working out their advertising dollars and how to maximize turnout among a number of voting blocs, particularly in the battleground states.

In the meantime, Obama is pursuing groups he cannot take for granted, including Hispanics. Last week, the campaign unveiled a Spanish-language radio ad called “Bootstraps,” to highlight the senator’s “upbringing and connection to hard-working, immigrant, and Hispanic values.” The ad is set to air in the battleground states of Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, and Nevada.