OceanGate Posts Job Listing For New Sub Pilot While Titan Submersible Was Still MIA

OceanGate Posts Job Listing For New Sub Pilot While Titan Submersible Was Still MIA

According to the DailyMail, a popular TikTok account revealed that OceanGate posted an urgent job request for a new submersible pilot in the midst of the viral tragedy surrounding their submarine that crashed while attempting to see the Titanic wreckage. The company’s listing was reportedly active from Monday, June 19, to Thursday, while their Titan submersible was still missing with the company’s CEO – Stockton Rush – and four other passengers on board. 

Screenshots of the OceanGate Expeditions job listing were shown and had watchers baffled due to the timing of the whole thing. The now-deleted posting asked someone to “manage and operate our fleet of manned submersibles and support vessels.” The position described as a Submersible Pilot/Marine Technician was open at the peak of OceanGate’s controversy surrounding their Titan submersible that was found imploded on Thursday after being missing for nearly a week.

The description asked for “a committed and competent individual with a combination of strong mechanical and interpersonal skills who can work on sensitive marine equipment, perform regular maintenance and operate complex systems to support dive operations.”

Other requirements included working in a confined space and fitting through a “28-inch diameter” ring. 

The company described it as an “excellent opportunity for a high-energy professional,”, especially for someone who was “positive and energetic with [a] good sense of humor.”

Posted to Indeed and the company’s website, the page was taken down, surrounding internet uproar. OceanGate has been called out for alleged design issues that rendered their Titan submersible dangerous to operate.