Odyssey Media Blazed The Country With ‘In The Black’ Tour

Odyssey Media Blazed The Country With ‘In The Black’ Tour

Odyssey Media wrapped up their fall tour, ‘In the Black,’ a 15-city tour of high-end, power-filled networking events for women entrepreneurs and professionals, featuring an exemplary team of experts and distinguished guests. The tour sparked a national buzz that was undeniable. Women across the country were thoroughly equipped with cutting-edge and relevant tools to succeed.

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The ‘In The Black’ Tour, proudly sponsored by Coca-Cola, Life Reimagined and Marriott International, launched in September in Cleveland, OH, and concluded in Miami, FL. Invited by Necole Parker, CEO of the ELOCEN Group, I had the pleasure to attend a tour stop at the beautiful Embassy of South Africa in Washington, D.C. My experience was a masterful blend of collaborative networking, creative fellowship, active empowerment, and substantive sisterhood. Upon arrival, it was totally awesome to witness a bee line of beautiful guests gathered on Embassy Row.

Odyssey Media is a marketing and communications company founded by CEO Linda Spradley Dunn, focused on connecting and empowering influential and affluent multicultural women around the world. According to The Cheskin Research Company, ” … women are leaving corporate jobs in favor of entrepreneurship at twice the rate of men, and multicultural women are departing even faster.” The ‘In The Black’ Tour focused on connecting women business owners, entrepreneurs, and professional women in transition with tools and discussions they truly value. Each tour featured noted experts in the business and lifestyle industries.

Odyssey Media founder Linda Spradley Dunn and Executive Vice President Cheryl-Walker Robertson warmly welcomed attendees to the event. Business coach Becky Davis hosted segments on finance for small businesses, and editor and fashion/beauty expert Mikki Taylor hosted segments about personal style and “the little black dress” or LBD. For the last 17 years, Odyssey’s unparalleled signature event: The Odyssey Business Retreat (which has featured names like Vanessa Williams, Sheila Johnson, and Ava DuVernay) and a unique blend of business sessions, entrepreneur boot camps, digital forums, resources, and networking opportunities, have since built up a global movement thousands of women strong.

According to CEO Linda Spradley Dunn, “We strive to provide trusted spaces for women to connect, learn, and be inspired. With this tour, we’re spreading the word about Odyssey by inviting women in transition, small business owners, and entrepreneurs to network with their peers, learn from the best, and discover a whole new tier of community.”

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