Power OOTD: Workin' That Peplum

Power OOTD: Workin’ That Peplum

Singer Mary J. Blige is seen in a peplum shift dress, perfect for the office with a cardigan or blazer. (Image: File)
Singer Mary J. Blige is seen in a peplum shift dress, perfect for the office with a cardigan or blazer. (Image: File)

The peplum trend is probably one if my favorite trends in chic to date that I hope stays a little while longer.  This is one of very few trends that is flattering for all body types, compliments a woman’s curves, while still concealing her hips and thighs. The retro trend was popularized by Dior in the 1940s with jackets that were nipped at the waist with peplum at the hip to create an hourglass shape. The peplum top pairs brilliantly with the pencil skirt trend which present a sophisticated slimming silhouette perfect for workplace fashion.

The versatility of this trend is what really makes it a keeper for everyday women who are bust socialites. Peplum tops compliment ensembles rather easily and require minimal effort when transition in to varies activities from being at the office, attending dinner parties, or dating in the city.

Office Chic tips when wearing the peplum trend:

  • For the conservative work environment, avoid loud embellishments such as metallics, patents, and sparkle.
  • Choose a simple, decadent flare as opposed to abstract large or asymmetrical flare which are to edgy for the workplace.
  • Opt for a flare that sits over the hips and thigh area rather than at the waist especially if you chose not to wear a blazer. A longer peplum silhouette is more appropriate.
  • Always make sure your peplum is tailored to your body shape. Be sure the fit at your waist is comfortable and not snug. The pulling of fabric on the body cheapens the look of any ensemble.
  • Have a boyish figure? Use the Peplum trend to create your hourglass shape.
  • Bottom heavy? Pair a simple Peplum top with a minimal ruffle alongside a slim fitting pant to elongate the appearance of the body.
  • Short waist? Avoid peplums that are too short or long, ruched with lots of fabric, or abstract formations that are large and fall away from the body. The silhouettes mentioned previously will overpower a short waist or petite frame.

Try these peplum looks for the office.

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