Power OOTD: A Touch of Class in Thigh-High Boots

Power OOTD: A Touch of Class in Thigh-High Boots

First Lady Michelle Obama, seen with daughter Malia, rocks thigh-high boots with class. (Image: File)

Perhaps all of the buzzing behind the new thigh-high boot trend is simply because the statement trend is twice as sexy, higher than your average boot, and it’s constantly evolving into varies styles for all ages. The former fashion taboo was originally seen as a style choice only for street-walkers like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman,” but the trend evolved into this season’s glamorous fashion obsession.

Thigh high boots come in all types of style varieties and works perfect for the workplace. Here are a few tips on how to rock the edgy trend while at work—without causing havoc:

Let your hemlines overlap your boots. Yes, it is completely fine to be trendy at work as long as it is appropriate. Wearing your thigh-high boot beneath your skirt or dress saves you from being the temptress that will spark office gossip, and it gives you more bang for your buck as you discover multiple ways to rock your leather investment.

It is no secret that the thigh high boot trend can become pretty expensive especially if you go the all leather or suede route. Some boots act can as stockings or leather pants depending on how you layer them with your ensemble.

To avoid looking too risque:

  • Avoid showing the top of the boot.
  • Try other colors outside of black, preferably fall or muted colors
  • Remember, if the leather is soft and supple like a second skin, pair it with a solid dress or skirt to be more conservative.

Winter is the perfect time for minimalism, so accessorize your ensemble with one statement piece like a chunky necklace.

Be inspired to wear the hot trend the right way for work with these looks.