4 Ways to Ensure You’re Always Taken Seriously

4 Ways to Ensure You’re Always Taken Seriously

Many offices have strayed away from traditional work environments. With the emergence of technology it is no longer a necessity to sit in an actual office because the internet is everywhere. Gone are the days where a suit and tie are considered the only appropriate work attire. The bottom line is, things are changing, and they will continue to change.

Although change is inevitable there is one constant for business professionals that will withstand the test of time. We want to be taken seriously. Brazen Careerist has the answers to being taken seriously in the workplace with the 4 things you should NOT be doing.

Watch the way you speak.
I once overheard a coworker say, “I have a widdle question.” Now that phrase is the first thing I think of every time I see her. She is a smart woman and a capable worker, but the baby talk is forever branded in my mind. So, unless you actually work with babies, using infantile language will take away all of your authority.

Baby talk isn’t the only language culprit. Pay attention to the way you speak and figure out whether you’re making any verbal faux pas. For example, using the word “like” incessantly can dilute your message and make you seem less intelligent. (Like, this sentence is, like, not as easy to read because, like, I keep stopping the flow of the words by adding words that are not, like, you know, necessary.) Breaking your bad speaking habits will make it much easier to establish yourself as a professional.

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