Olamide Olowe

Olamide Olowe Makes History In Beauty Industry With Topicals Brand

Olamide Olowe of Topicals is changing the game with her innovative and inclusive skin care company.

Olamide Olowe has been a game-changing entrepreneur ever since she stepped into beauty with her popular Topicals brand. The CEO and founder of the skincare company is making history as she reaches new heights through successful capital funding rounds. 

According to AfroTech, Olowe launched the brand in 2020, securing $2.6 million in venture capital to grow its reach. With the investment backing its quality products, the brand continued raising the bar by becoming the fastest-growing skincare brand sold in Sephora in 2022. That same year, at the age of 26, the founder emerged as the youngest Black woman to raise $10 million in funding, with Black investors including Kelly Rowland, Gabrielle Union, and Jay-Z’s Mary Venture Partners also joining in. 

Olowe spoke on her thriving journey in entrepreneurship with BLACK ENTERPRISE’s Sisters Inc. in 2021. She is well aware of the obstacles, but notes how crucial diverse investors, and even Black women mentors, have been to her growth.

“I wanted to get as many people who looked like me in the round,” expressed Olowe. “One, because we want to increase wealth in the Black community. But two, because they, like myself, have dealt with these skin conditions and have dealt with being an outsider…In order to become great, you have to surround yourself with greats. And I’m so fortunate that each and every one of those women has seen me and has taken me under their wing to help support this business…They’ve been instrumental to our success.”

BE has continued showcasing Olowe and her mission with Topicals through her inclusion as a 2023 “40 Under 40” honoree. Topicals features a variety of masks, serums, and newly added lip products to combat common issues, such as dark spots and hyperpigmentation, for diverse skin types and tones. However, Topicals seeks to uplift from within and throughout, advocating for mental health causes in addition to showcasing other Black-owned brands to support alongside them. 

Olowe and Topicals have furthered their brand development and product sales in this commitment to authenticity and giving back to their consumers. The bright CEO not only has a promising future in the industry, but has maintained her promise of a holistic impact to the world. 

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