Omaha Man Receives 90-Day Sentence Following Crash That Leaves 35-Year-Old Mother Dead

Omaha Man Receives 90-Day Sentence Following Crash That Leaves 35-Year-Old Mother Dead

Regina Bright‘s family and friends are outraged after an Omaha man, Jonathan McDougald, received a light sentence for the fatal crash that ultimately ended her life. 

According to KETV, the accident occurred in March 2022 after Bright, who was driving a Jeep Compass, tried to make a left turn at a local gas station when McDougald’s Chevy Impala, traveling at high speed, struck the 35-year-old’s vehicle. Although McDougald would be taken to Nebraska Medicine with no life-threatening injuries, Bright was pronounced dead at the scene.  

At the time of Bright’s death, she left behind two children and a legion of family and friends.

Following the crash, McDougald was charged with misdemeanor motor vehicle homicide. On Jan. 12, McDougald received a sentence of 90 days in prison and two years probation. Despite the sentence, the Judge expressed to the court that they felt McDougald’s actions that fateful day were compelled by anger and emotions.

During an interview with KETV, Bright’s mother, Veronica Constance-Bright, opened up about her frustration with the justice system. She said, “He killed my daughter, that’s just not enough. The district attorney is doing what she can under the law, but the law needs to change.”

At the same time, Bright’s co-worker and friend Sarah Supenski shared how unfair McDougald’s sentencing was. Supenski explained, “It’s just not fair, in any way shape or form, I don’t care what way you cut it.” Another one of Bright’s friends, Anna Roark, told the publication that the light punishment felt “like a second funeral.”

After his sentencing, McDougald revealed to the judge how remorseful he was regarding the entire situation. He even offered to help the family at any cost. In addition to McDougald’s jail time and probation, he must do behavior and mental health evaluations and pay $1,000 in restitution.