Omarion Will Be ‘Involved’ in AllBlk Series Loosely Based on his Life

Omari Ishmael Grandberry – known to his fans as Omarion – is slated to star in a series that is loosely based on his life as the lead singer of B2K.

AMC announced the singer/songwriter/author/actor will star in the “scripted dramedy” Involved, which will air on the network’s streaming service, ALLBLK. Grandberry is the series’ co-creator, and will serve as executive producer alongside Tommy Morgan Jr., Kevin G. Boyd, Deji LaRay and Michelle Le Fleur. The first episode is written by Boyd and directed by Bentley Kyle Evans.

“When it comes to forming new ideas, establishing new norms and shaping our thinking, nothing affects us more than the images and concepts delivered into our lives on a daily basis by television and film. It is with great passion and pleasure that I get Involved with you. Just like multi-hyphenated entertainers Jamie Foxx, Martin Lawrence and Will Smith who all have influenced and inspired me and a whole culture, Involved is intended to inspire, shift and impact the culture of American society’s thinking and understanding of special family dynamics. There is no better way for us to learn about and observe these cultural diversities than through the medium of entertainment. I’m not only excited to be in such good company, I’m jubilant to be back on your TV screen! 🤩. Involved is a big vibe. Get ready,” the singer said in a written statement.

Involved follows the character, OB Sharp who has been in a boy band since he was a child. As he is preparing to head out on a world tour, he secretly wants to leave the group so he can concentrate on being a more present father. He also wants to have a better co-parenting relationship with his child’s mother, who lives in his guesthouse with the man she is dating.

His best friend Maya is the only person who understands him and his lifestyle. She is also bisexual and although they have a close relationship, they have never been physical with each other. But, after they meet Edy, an eclectic flower shop owner with a free spirit and fluid lifestyle, they all become involved and form a throuple.

Now, with his new lifestyle, relationship, and family dynamics shifting in such a short time, he has to adjust to all of it while also pursuing new business ventures.

During this year’s American Black Film Festival, there will be a casting call for a leading role in the show, as part of ALLBLK and the American Black Film Festival’s “Shoot Your Shot” taking place in June 2023 in Miami Beach. Actor Lance Gross will be there as the celebrity reader for the casting call.