On the Rise: Greg Marchand Makes Moves in South Africa

The demand for IT products in South Africa is solid? No problem, move there. The demand in Zambia is also great with less competition? OK, let’s go there instead. Global recession is making tapping into lines of credit harder and costlier? All right, we’ll focus on servicing where overhead is lower and work doesn’t begin until we get a down payment.

Such is the attitude of Greg Marchand, founder/managing director of Gizmos, L.L.C. Marchand saw a demand for IT products and services in Africa and set up shop in Zambia, where he directly oversees Gizmos’ African division, Gizmos Ltd., providing business solutions to the Sub-Saharan African business community. With nearly $1 million in revenues, Gizmos’ clients include the MTN Group, a multinational mobile telecom company, and UNICEF.

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