OneUnited Bank Becomes Superhero For Financial Literacy, Announces Partnership With Marvel Comics and Visa

OneUnited Bank Becomes Superhero For Financial Literacy, Announces Partnership With Marvel Comics and Visa

Adults gaining knowledge on financial literacy can help save their children from making the same mistakes. One bank is contributing to the financial education of our children.

The nation’s largest Black-owned bank, OneUnited Bank, is flying in to create a fun and exciting way to learn financial best practices. Partnering with Marvel Comics, the bank is distributing custom comic books with financial literacy exercises on a first come, first served basis in their Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, and Compton branches.

Featuring our favorite brother-sister duo, Black Panther and Shuri, the one-of-a-kind comic book was created in collaboration with Marvel and Visa, Inc. Digital copies will be given to participants of the 13th Annual “I Got Bank” National Financial Literacy Contest. The contest provides 10 children the chance to win a $1,000 savings account and a free virtual copy of the bank’s “I Got Bank! What My Granddad Taught Me About Money” e-Book.

OneUnited President Teri Williams is not only excited to partner with the popular brand but more so the opportunity for families to teach their children the importance of being financially stable at an early age. “We are excited to collaborate with Marvel Comics and Visa to promote financial literacy,” Williams said in a statement. “Our contest, free e-book, and now this new comic book make it easy for families to teach their children how to save and make financial literacy a core value in the Black community!”

The bank has been instrumental in helping the Black community feel comfortable in their financial space. In January, OneUnited announced the Empowerment Network, a new system with more surcharge-free ATMs than any other bank in the country. With over 100,000 surcharge-free ATMs, including Chase Bank and Citibank branches and neighborhood retailers, the bank continues to break records to empower customers with better access to their money.

Submissions for the contest must be turned in by June 30, and winners will receive their new savings account by Aug. 31.