Students: 3 Steps to Stellar Professional Branding Online

Students: 3 Steps to Stellar Professional Branding Online

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In the age of the Web, branding is everything. One Google search can reveal a lot about a person. Some of the hottest entry-level employees are those who come into a company with a brand already established and a well-established business image. Below are some tips that will help young professionals go from an average candidate to a top-of-the-list winner when applying to that post-graduate position:

Build a Website: There’s no better way to get your personal brand out there than through a Website. Not only can this site be used as a reflection of your character and professionalism by employers, but it can also reveal how serious you are about your career. From details of your resume, to your contact information, bio and career accomplishments, your site will help tell the ins and outs of the brand that is you.

Create business cards, even as a student: A lot of college students think, “Why do I need a business card? I don’t have a career yet.” However, this mindset can be no further from the truth. As a college student, it’s important for you to attend workshops, networking events, career fairs, and other events where networking will happen. Imagine how impressive it will be for you to hand over your professional business card to that person you’ve been longing to meet or work for?

Get that professional profile going: A lot of professionals admit to having two profiles that separate personal from the professional. If you want to let your hair down but still showcase your professional side, it’s best you also look into having separate accounts. Create a fan page or Twitter account that showcases you as a professional and where you can network for career advancement. Utilize LinkedIn as your strictly professional profile. Make sure you have the proper privacy settings on your personal account, but still keep in mind that any updates, photos and check-ins are just a Google search away from being discovered.