5 Key Trends In Online Marketing and How to Build Your Strategy

Toni Coleman Brown (@ToniBrown) is the CEO of the Network for Women in Business, based in Queens, New York. The network provides training and coaching services for female small business owners. Since 2002, she’s been engaged in working with women mostly in the home-based business arena but in recent years has expanded her reach and now works with traditional brick-and-mortar businesses & product inventors to personal and professional services providers.

In January 2012, she launched the Network for Women in Business (@Network4), an affordable online resource for women to get training, connect with other professionals and advance their businesses. The motto is “We EDUCATE to ELEVATE Women in Business.” Training is Coleman Brown’s passion and she’s passionately excited about the network being currently over 2,800 members strong with a social media following that tops 26,000 and growing daily.

Coleman Brown has assisted thousands of women entrepreneurs in the U.S. and abroad via her coaching and training services. “We help our clients improve their bottom line by providing up-to-date and cutting edge sales and marketing strategies that they can implement right away to positively impact their pocketbooks. Our strategies work both online and offline and are easily to implement and cost effective.”

She will be digging deeper and sharing these and other business strategies and techniques to grow small businesses at her upcoming Small Business Boot Camp for Women, happening July 18 in New Jersey.

Below she shares the latest trends in online marketing and proven strategies for increased visibility and sales on social media.

Facebook Retargeting: “If you think someone is watching you and following you around on the Web, then you’re right. They are,” Coleman Brown says. “The Facebook retargeting pixel allows Website owners to track their potential customers and follow them by placing ads on Facebook based on the pages they visited on their site. For example, if you log in to your Chase account, don’t be surprised that when you log on to Facebook you find an ad about some type of Chase credit card. Sweet right? Well, what’s even sweeter is the fact that as a small business owner, you have access to the same tools.”

Social Customer Relations Management (CRM): “By using dynamic small business tools like Nimble.com, you can now not only follow up with your customers and prospects via email or telephone calls, but you can follow up with them using social media. Nimble is one tool that is beyond brilliant for today’s market place,” she adds.

Utilizing Sales Funnels with Upsells and Downsells: By using an upsell or a downsell, online marketers are increasing the average order and lifetime value of their Web customers. “This is one of the most underutilized yet highly effective methods out there for increasing order values,” she says.

List-Building Using Lead Bait and Tripwires: Online marketers will always tell you that the money is in the list and they will use lead bait like free offers to build and grow to their lists. Today online marketers are using tripwires like a $1 trial or other low-costs items as a means to add more serious potential buyers to their lists.

Value-based Webinar Marketing: Offering free or low-cost educational webinars is another way to attract your ideal clients and customers. “This is a great way to allow your potential clients and customers a means of getting to know, like and trust you,” Coleman Brown says. “We all know that people do business with brands that they know, like and trust.”

For more information on Toni Coleman Brown, visit www.tonicolemanbrown.com. Also, check out part two of this interview, where Coleman Brown details social media strategy for businesses next week.

Roz A. Gee (@RozAGee) consults and speaks as The Brand Empowerment Agentâ„¢ and CEO of The Rated Gee Agency (www.RatedGee.com), A Brand Empowerment Company that offers service sectors in Media Relations, Brand Identity and Development, Brand Messaging and Speaking & Training. Roz has masterfully mixed over 20 years of cumulative experience and has worked professionally for industry titans such as General Electric, AT&T, AOL, IBM, SAP/Sybase and Northrop Grumman. Send inquiries to: info@RatedGee.com Facebook.